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Student Spotlight: Erika Cruz

1. Tell us your name, where you grew up, and your major/year in school.

My name is Erika Cruz. I am a sophomore at UH studying math. I grew up in Houston, Texas.

2. What’s one other “fun” fact about yourself?

Both my parents are teachers and I plan on becoming a teacher myself.

3. Are you taking class on campus this fall, or all online?

I am taking all my classes online.

4. What have you been doing to stay sane and positive during the pandemic?

I have been studying my Bible more since I no longer have the excuse of not having enough time. I also have been keeping busy by riding my bike and learning new skills.

5. How did you get connected to the campus ministry?

I became connected through Cat’s Back. I signed up for their email list and received an email for small group. I went to the first one and loved it. I have been going ever since.

6. What’s your Bible verse, book, character, or concept?

My favorite verse of the Bible is Galatians 2:20. I think this verse really summarizes what Christians should do- which is to live as Christ did. Because of Jesus and His love for us, we are given a new life. Through this new life, all our desires should align with what Jesus would desire for us and others.

7. What challenges do you think Christian college students face most?

I think Christian college students face the challenge of remaining faithful. With all the new things we are exposed to, we may want to stray from Jesus. We have to find a way to balance all that we have while remaining lights that reflect God’s love and glory.