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Update: Starting a Podcast!

This semester, in addition to our weekly studies on Zoom and on-campus activities, we are supplementing the study series with a podcast and blog. Both are up and running, but we are still waiting on iTunes to recognize our Soundcloud account, which you can access here (now) if you would like.

We will announce when we finish editing the podcast versions of our Romans study series from this summer, and we also go back and embed the recordings in their respective posts. Moving forward this semester, we will include such blog posts & podcasts each week following our Zoom meetings, which tend to be fairly discussional in nature. This, then, is a way to supplement that time with aspects we didn’t have time to cover in the discussion, or even review some of the most important points. Finally, we will let you know when our podcast is available through the most popular podcast listening platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Overcast app.

School starts this Monday, August 24, so please join us in prayer on behalf of the school (students, staff, and faculty), as well as our outreach efforts.

May our efforts honor our God and bless the campus!

Grace and peace, and thanks for tuning into our new blog and podcast.